Hanger Holders

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Remember these 3 requirements to increase the visual appeal and usability of your hallway:


Strategic placement meaning the ability to place the hangers virtually anywhere


Easy access to the most needed objects such as a dog lead, sunglasses or a bag pack


Great design allows you to hang any type of clothes without creasing them

Good tips:

Clothes taking less space, such as children’s clothing, could be hung lower. Placed in this way, they dry faster and are fresh for longer.

Some clothes need special treatment when it comes to hanging. A jacket will get wrinkles from being hung on a thin hanger. It’s much better for a collar to be placed evenly on a bigger surface.

A scarf or a cap placed on the middle hanger holder will remain more presentable. A dog lead or a bag could be hung in an easily accessible spot, on the smallest hanger holder, close to the exit.

Single hanger holders are worth considering as they allow you to use the space efficiently, even when it’s seemingly difficult to manage. Thanks to this solution not everything is crowded in one place and hanging at the same height.

Thanks to such tricks an apartment looks modern and well-planned. This is how your hallway could look like!


  • Black or White (Powder coat)
  • Metal
  • Designer style
  • Endless ways to set up
  • Eye-catching
  • Made to last! – thick metal, durable paint
  • Made in Europe – Poland


  • 1 Large
  • 1 Medium
  • 2 Small hangers
  • Necessary hardware (wall screws)
  • Instruction


SIZING (diameter)

  • Large – 10cm
  • Medium – 6cm
  • Small – 4cm

Additional information

Weight 0.4 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 3 cm

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