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The Flow Shelf

A shelf that almost didn't make it.⁣⁣

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How many times have you started something and didn’t finish it, just because in the middle of the project you thought it’s a bad idea?⁣⁣
If you’re like me, probably many times. Creators and high-achievers tend to lose focus on one thing and start another.⁣⁣

With the Flow Shelf, it was the same.⁣⁣
I’ve almost abandoned this product. It was in my workshop laying around for at least one year. ⁣⁣
Then one day I was moving my home office upstairs and I quickly realized that I need a bookshelf. So I went to my workshop found a River Shelf (that was its first name) and screw it to the wall in my new office.⁣⁣

Flow book shelf 900x

Still, the future of this shelf wasn’t any more colorful.⁣⁣
Until I’ve found its hidden function. This one function changed the whole shelf. It made it more useful.⁣⁣
That’s why I’ve decided that it must be available for other high achievers!


Simple, but very helpful function, especially if you like to keep track of your activities or to-dos.


Inside the box:

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Flow Shelf


Ever thought that a simple shelf can be that helpful?


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