Cord Hook

Allows you to hang your cord spool on the clothes rack

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No more tangled cord laying around on the floor and making your studio messy

How many times have you been thinking - "There must be a better way of organizing cord!"


Finally, there's a tool that can help you keep your studio more organized, your work much easier and it also looks great!


Cord Hook was originally created to make my girlfriend's Anna work easier. We both decided that there's plenty of other makers who would also benefit from this. After a couple of prototypes and help from the macrame makers community Cord Hook V1 was created!


I'm pretty sure you won't use it to put your Hooks back inside but you can always use it to store accessories that you use in your fiber art business

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Receive your Cord Hooks and enjoy the new and more comfortable workplace

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Yes, it will! The only thing you need to check is the diameter of the pipe you want to hang the hook on. If it’s smaller than 29 mm then it will work perfectly.

Shipping is FREE worldwide!

As a fibre artist you probably already know that it’s hard to say how long the delivery takes. 

But from the experience I can say:

Europe + UK: 5 – 10 days

USA: 7 – 30 days

Australia and Asia: up to 30 days


Great! Nice to see you again!


Yes! You can use the same dowels from your Cord Best Friend. 


Please use code IHAVECBF – you will receive a discount and I will send only metal parts of the Hooks to you.

Nope 🙂

It’s too easy to put together

This is the first version of Cord Hook. Anna and I tested it a lot but it’s always good to get feedback and ideas for improvement from a smaller group of early adopters.

And… Yes, we also wanted to add a bit of exclusivity to our first trendsetters.

It’s very simple:

You’ve got 15 days to return your product. You don’t need to explain the reason, but it would be nice if you do 🙂

You send it back to us -> We receive it -> We send you your money back




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Hi! I'm Chris

AKA Krzysztof Perkowski. The creator of Cord Hook and Cord Best Friend stand. I'm addicted to creating, not only products but everything around the product: photos, videos, ads, websites and more. My focus is on making products that are helpful, that's why I've entered the fiber crafting niche to help all fiber makers with their everyday work. Hope you will like my products and find them useful.
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